The Building on the Esplanade

by William Dawson

The other day I went to Docklands to take some photos with my new Nikon D3100 DSLR. The D3100 is my first encounter with a DSLR, my previous camera being a simple Olympus point-and-shoot. The biggest learning curve for me is the power you have over the camera, such as the ability to choose the aperture and shutter speed you desire (a big step forward from my previous camera where you could only change the ISO…).

I took this photo while walking back to the car. The vibrant building houses the headquarters of NAB. I honestly don’t know the reason behind the colours on the building; perhaps it has something to do with catching one’s eye. It worked on me.

Harbour Esplanade

Download a water-mark free version of this image for use as a wallpaper.

New Bag

Tamrac Evo 6

For the past two months I have scoured websites and camera stores in search of a suitable camera bag for my DSLR. The two biggest deciding factors were the price and size of the bag. A decent sized camera bag is generally priced well over $100. As for size, I didn’t want something small but I didn’t want something too big either. The Tamrac Evolution 6 fit the bill and an order was placed late last week with a store who source their products directly from C.R. Kennedy and Co. (importer and distributor of photographic equipment in Australia).

My bag arrived on Monday and the day I took the photo above, Wednesday, was the first time I tried it out. I think the bag is great. A big plus for me is the ability to access the camera through side pockets. I was carrying it for a number of hours that day and not once did I feel uncomfortable with it on in the 25°C/77°F weather. If you’re looking for a camera bag, I highly recommend looking at Tamrac’s range.

3 Comments to “The Building on the Esplanade”

  1. That photo really caught my eye! Any editing done to it?

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