Across the River

by William Dawson

Remember in my most recent post, Early Risers, the photos of the bridge crossing the Yarra River? On Tuesday I went back to the banks of the Yarra River with my camera, albeit later in the morning and further up from the bridge. Without the bridge in the way it gave me a clear view of the city.

Although I intended it to be a high dynamic range (HDR) image made up of three bracketed shots, the sloped ground was no good for my mini tripod and resulted in a horrible ghosting. So instead I only used two of the photos. Like all of my previous HDR attempts, I used Photomatix Pro to process the image. I also used GIMP, an image editing program, to remove the people by using the clone tool (stamp icon).

I also passed through Southbank and managed to get another three bracketed shots. This time I had no ghosting issues when I began to process the image. This is the original HDR image.

For the one below I played around with the different effects. I like the grungy feel and the dark, gloomy sky.

And finally, a black and white version of the above. I have used selective colour to bring out the few colourful elements in the image. If you look again at the previous image everything is mundane in colour, with plenty of browns and greys.

Do you have a favourite? Tell me below.

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One Comment to “Across the River”

  1. I live the bw one best. Interesting how the photos can be changed with a bit of dabbling.

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